Outsource, Delegate, Dominate!

Do you own your own business?

Are you your own boss?

If so, is your boss an A$$-hole?

To get 100% of the profit, you need to do 100% of the work and endure 100% of the stress.
All work, no play… No time… Not enough cash… And a miserable social life…


You need a solution. Quickly!

What if you could transform your business into an enjoyable experience? How about taking up to 50% of the profit with a fraction of the work and 0% of the stress?

What if you were removed from your business?

What if you were FORBIDDEN to work in your own business with the best of the best getting outstanding results for your business and your customers?

What if they REFUSED a salary and all they asked for is for a small and deserved percentage of the profits they helped generate? Not just earning you 10 times what they cost but giving you REAL freedom in your business.

What would that feel like?

Most importantly, what would that be worth to you and your family? To have the intimate and luxurious life style you’ve always dreamed of?

What would it feel like to be WEALTHY?

True Wealth. Yes, Wealth, THE Formula (WTF!)

WTF is a site that is dedicated to changing regular people’s lives by helping them achieve true wealth. WTF will help you find your PASSION in life while your business grows like never before. The whole point of owning a business is to get a level of freedom that others dream of. When you decide to take on every aspect of your business (marketing, sales, delivery, reporting, accounting, office bitch), that freedom has been compromised and you’re being pulled in every direction.

Is that an acceptable lifestyle choice? NO! Then STOP! But HOW?

WTF pledges to:

Impact 1 million business owners worldwide by 2020 to achieve true wealth (time and money)
Help you start up a company with talented team players who work on result-based incentives
Keep you at the top of the exclusive and proprietary WTF profit share models
Outsource, delegate and create a profit-sharing formula for your business to remove you from it entirely
Get you fired from working IN your business so you can just OWN the business

We help businesses outsource to the highest caliber people that can:

Generate customers for YOU
Close sales for YOU
Deliver goods/products or services to your customers WITHOUT your involvement

If you’re a typical entrepreneur, you would carry out all of the above steps by yourself even if you’re not an expert. Instead of risking everything (including your health) by taking on the world, get the world to work for you! WTF gives you the POWER to hire the best and dismiss employees who aren’t good enough. You can have 1,000 people working for your company and all this is possible thanks to two simple words: Outsourcing (and) Delegation! Outsourcing finds you the best employees, delegation gets them to do the work you used to fret over.

WTF has a number of programs and offers specialized one-to-one consultations as part of our three-step plan to success. Ask yourself which sounds better: Relaxing on a beach in Bora-Bora knowing that your business is being taken care of or working in 80 degree heat, regretting the day you started up a business that is full of idiots who can’t do a simple thing right? (You’re probably the biggest fool in your business for trying to do everything to begin with!)

Remember: Struggling people work, smart people outsource and wealthy people delegate. With WTF, you’ll learn that two out of three really ain’t bad!