Have you got one day to change your business forever?

imgtrainingCan you spare a single morning, afternoon or evening away from your business without being afraid that it will fall apart – how about a week? A month?…for most, that would spell complete financial ruin…

The one-to-one consultation with WTF (1-2-1 WTF) is designed for people who are scared to take even a moment off because their business is 100% reliant on them. Such imprisoned business owners:

  • Shoulder all the burden
  • Trust no one else to do even the simplest of tasks
  • Have no idea how to delegate, or how to find the right people to delegate to
  • Will see their businesses stagnate and fall behind

The WTF consultation will prevent you from being your own worst enemy, from being the office whipping child and from being exhausted and unhappy. Instead of slaving away at your desk all day putting out fires, you’ll learn how to trust others and grow a business successfully while having the extra time available to spend with people you love, doing the things you enjoy.


One on One WTF Training

We start our own business to steer clear of horrible bosses who treat staff badly. Ironically, many business owners treat themselves worse than the most despicable managers.


Group Class

During the consultation, you will learn that 100% of peanuts is nothing compared to 50% of a fortune. We will show you a unique profit sharing method which will bring the world’s best players straight to your door.


1-2-1 WTF Blueprint

WTF gives you an inside look into the world of outsourcing and demonstrates how it has made millionaires out of regular people. You will discover how a small business can become a giant in the blink of an eye. We provide the knowledge which you use to create a thriving company.


1-2-1 WTF Full Service

Does learning how to hire and fire employees, outsource work to increase productivity, train new staff and implement new procedures seem like too much hard work?