Three Times A Winner

Those who know my work are aware of the fact that I like to extol the virtues of helping the customer. Some businesses seem to think that they are members of a sports team who can get away with treating fans like dirt because the fans love the overall franchise. You see it all the time with sports athletes: Whining like children despite their multi-million dollar contracts and a refusal to give 100% which leads to the fans getting angry. The player moans about fans getting on his back despite the fact he deserves the booing and he complains some more. The fans get sick of him but not the overall club.

I’ve got news for you: You’re not a sports franchise like the New York Yankees or a business franchise like McDonalds! You can’t get away with treating customers like dirt because they WILL rebel, leave and find someone better. Sports teams may not be interchangeable but companies certainly are. This is why I believe in Wealth: The Formula so much. WTF not only ensures that you are a winner; it makes sure that your players are winners but most importantly, the customer is the biggest winner of all with low prices and high quality products/services.

WTF Winner 1 – YOU!

You will always be the ultimate winner thanks to my business formula which will see your business expand, generate more profit and make you a wealthy individual. Instead of being the person who puts everything into a business, including complete control over tasks you have no idea how to perform, you will be the individual who sees your company’s weak points and addresses them accordingly. New members arrive and their expertise soon raises your company from the doldrums. The profits roll in and you no longer have to be a slave to your office. Soon, you will grow to love the freedom and may decide never to work again. WTF gives you that option!

WTF Winner 2 – Your Team

With WTF, you and your team will be involved in a performance and results based payment scheme. You are at the top of the ladder and earn 50% of profits for doing a minimal amount of work. Your team gets to use their talents on projects that stimulate them and receive a very generous percentage of the profits too. The better they are at getting leads, selling and delivering the products/services of your company, the more they make and the wealthier you become.

WTF Winner 3 – The customer

Instead of being let down time and again by a company that does not have experts in every sector, customers will benefit from world class service every time they deal with your company. This is because there will be professionals generating leads and finding out what customers truly need, experts making sales and giving advice and customer service representatives always being on the end of the phone for those who experience issues with your company. In a nutshell, customers will finally receive the best possible service at all times and that is what every consumer desires.

With WTF, happy customers become lifetime purchasers, your team has as much work as they can handle and you have more money than you know how to spend (though I’m sure you can find a way!). WTF makes you once, twice, three times a winner!

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