How many hours do you think you can work in a week? Whatever you think the answer is: YOU’RE WRONG!

imgprog1FORGET about working 80+ hours a week and watching your company stand still. Businesses like this die slow and painful deaths. This is the number one mistake made by those starting a new business and it’s hard to watch because there is a simple process to increase your company’s productivity and profits while giving you all the time you need to do the things you LOVE – without compromising your lifestyle…

WTF have been helping SME’s (Small and Medium Entrepreneurships) achieve incredible results in very short periods of time.

How about a THREE STEP PROGRAM which allows your business to produce hundreds or even thousands of hours worth of results a week and operate 24 hours a day? Best of all, this happens while you’re fast asleep in your bed! Wealth: The Formula will give you your life back with the twin power of outsourcing and delegation.

Basic WTF Training- Outsource and Delegate

This is a three day “business Bootcamp” where the expert entrepreneurs of WTF show you how to find the best talent from around the world in marketing, sales and delivery. Simple streamlined processes are laid out to allow you to hire salespeople, marketing experts and delivery teams from dozens of nations that only get paid when YOU get paid. A complete and comprehensive profit sharing model that is time tested and proven in HUNDREDS of businesses. We also show you the importance of delegating responsibility. Learn how to choose the most trustworthy and capable players for your team to become the heads of your various departments to help you grow exponentially.

Customized WTF for your business – Consultation And Dissection

Afraid to take a long, hard look at your business? That’s ok, because we can dissect and critically analyze your company, finding strengths and weeding out weaknesses. We then show you how to accentuate the best aspects of your business while eliminating the bad. WTF will create a road map specific to you and your company which will enable you to automate it, effectively taking a back seat while others do the work. This will lead to expansion and greater profit while you work less and relax more thanks to your new found freedom.

Let WTF Take Charge

If outsourcing and delegation are not your strong points, leave them to us. We will analyze, dissect, rebuild, hire and completely re-automate your business from the ground up, leaving you free to concentrate on the aspects of your enterprise where you excel. You do nothing but watch, as we do ALL the work. Watch and learn! Once we’re through, you can be OUT of the business or even sell it within a year if you wish.

If you want something done right, train someone else to do it and delegate! Business and pleasure just don’t mix and with WTF, you can let someone else handle the business while you get all the pleasure and a huge chunk of profits. You CAN be the top dog while staying on the sidelines. Business expansion has never been so easy, stress free and enjoyable.