Are you a slave to your business? STOP.

Enroll in this free webinar on how you can step away from your business by having better people in place to get things done. Explode your business by having the best of the best find your customers, sell your products and even deliver goods/services or products to them.Imagine a business that works WITHOUT you. Its NOT a pipe dream – Its a proven FORMULA – WTF!

WTF (Wealth: The Formula) is a system that allows anyone to achieve true wealth, Time and Money.


Most business owners are a SLAVE to their business and have NO time, No budget and No way to get out.


Immediately implement the WTF Profit share/delegation model that allows ANY business owner to outsource the Marketing, the Sales and Fulfillment aspects of their business – so the business owner is now in the owner’s box WATCHING the game, as opposed to being a player in the field doing all the work. In fact delegate 100% of the work and retain a majority of the profits with minimal costs.

Owners of the team have the most time and make the most money, the players on the team work the hardest, have a limited productive time and when they stop playing, they stop working.


Be an owner, not a player.

WTF allows you to BE the owner, to Stop being a slave to your business by DELEGATING ALL tasks that others can be much better suited to, and share in the profits associated with that result (outsource to the best Marketing, Sales and fulfillment teams).

WTF uses a Result based compensation plan, not the employee task based one. When the intended result happens, everyone gets paid – everyone wins at the same time (if the team loses, no one gets paid, as such everyone works to win the game EVERY TIME).