The Circle Of $

This post is dedicated to all professionals who are fed up with being constrained by a salary. Normally, WTF is associated with helping businesses who need a kick-start and benefit from having professionals take over certain aspects of the company. Yet these experts also find their lives enriched too. When I say that I will pair a business with the best players in the world, this is precisely what I do. The marketers, salespeople and customer representatives I find are not random freelancers, they are experts with years and in some cases, decades of experience who no longer wish to have a cap placed on how much they can earn.

No Limit

If you are currently working for a major firm in their marketing or sales department, how much do you earn per year? $50,000, $70,000? Perhaps $100,000 if you are at the top of your game. Yet you know that your hard work earns your firm several million dollars a year. In essence, you do virtually all the work and your reward is a measly 1%. How is this fair exactly? Many of the professionals I place in touch with my clients are delighted to have a new challenge. A lot of them are on the edge and are sick of constant deadlines, long hours and scant reward at the end of it.

 Indeed, quite a few of them started to question their career and were searching for a change. This would have been a disaster because it was clear that their skills lay in marketing/sales etc. Any change would have seen them starting from the bottom rung of the ladder. With my help, they could go from disrespected underling to the top dog in a project. Not only that but for the first time in their career, they would get the financial rewards that their endeavour deserved.

Imagine their delight! Praise instead of ridicule, gratitude instead of grumbling and above all, a fat check for their efforts. 50% of the company profit goes to the owner while the professionals working on the project share the other 50%. I had a professional working for a client recently who was chief marketer on a major project. His cut was to be 10%. He worked night and day to fulfill his obligation and for a finish, the project made my client’s company $5 million. This means the professional earned a cool $500,000 for a few months’ work. Not bad for a guy that was on $70,000 A YEAR before that! In effect, he got 7 years salary for one single project. He got rich and my client also hit the jackpot.

 And that my friends, is what makes WTF so great. We take underperforming companies, expand them and make everyone involved in the project a fortune. The only stress you face is that which you place on yourself. So if you are a marketing, sales or customer representative professional, I would love to hear from you so we can get wealthy together.


" I came along to his course this weekend and I'm so blown away. I just learnt so much. I thought I knew outsourcing but he's the extreme case of outsourcing where he is literally showing you how you don't need to do anything to succeed in your business... "

- Linh Hoang, Victoria Australia